Brown Sugar

I’m sure most of you hate the thought of hard blocks of brown sugar. I used to buy brown sugar and just chuck it in the fridge after opening, which led to scraping around the blocks of hardened sugar or banging it against the counter whenever I needed to use it.

I figured it was time to consult my best friend, Google, when I bought a new packet of brown sugar. I read there are some ways to soften already hardened brown sugar like putting a piece of bread or a slice of apple in the bag, but I just bought a packet full of soft brown sugar. The easiest way to keep it soft was to leave it in the freezer.

So I dumped all the brown sugar in an empty ice-cream container (I seem to have a lot of those in my cupboard :p) and kept it in the freezer. It’s amazing! It really does stay soft, and I love how easy it is to measure out a cup when I need it for baking.

Brown sugar in the freezer = awesomeness!

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