Cake/Brownie Pops

Have you ever tried making cake pops or brownie pops? I have and in my opinion, they’re not that much fun. I love the portions I can get eating a brownie square or a slice of cake. Presentation-wise, the pops are really cute.

Why am I put off by them? Well, because of the way they’re made. You make a cake/brownie and then wait for it to cool. Afterwards, you crumble the cake and then add frosting to make it moist so you can form the balls. Since brownies are already moist, you just cut them into small squares and form the balls. Then you add candy sticks to the balls to make it like a lollipop and freeze it. Later you dip them in melted chocolate, decorate and freeze — ta-da, you have cake/brownie pops!

Easy and great for parties, but I’m still not wowed with the taste. Perhaps I haven’t had the best pops in the world yet.

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