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Egg Yolks and Pudding

Pudding is what you make when you have some leftover yolks. And you should really make them from scratch instead of the instant kind. Try it first before you write them off. I’ve only tried them once as I rarely … Continue reading

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Alcohol Cooking Substitutions

Whenever I find a recipe that contains alcohol, I find myself googling the substitutes for it. Guess it’s time for me to jot down my findings for easy reference. Most of the time, we find the recipe uses white wine. … Continue reading

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Glorious labneh

When I decided to makeĀ homemade fro-yo, I found out that greek yogurt is strained yogurt, which is also labneh. Since I live in the Middle East, labneh is aplenty and more affordable than Greek yogurt. I love its creamy texture … Continue reading

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Essential Malaysian Ingredients

I found this great illustrated guide by Normas Musa forĀ on Malaysian ingredients. I particularly like the tip on kerisik (roasted coconut). Lengkuas (galangal) Lengkuas (galangal). Photograph: Ning Ltd This herb is of the same family as ginger. The aroma … Continue reading

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