macarons — success

Broke 2 eggs from the fridge and collected their whites in a small bowl. Did it in the afternoon and started baking after dinner.

Preheated oven to 150C. In a bowl, mixed 1/2 C + 2T almond meal with 1 C confectioners/icing sugar. Didn’t sift nor dry nor blend. Just measured them and dumped into bowl and mixed together. Placed aside.

In a stainless steel mixing bowl, placed some salt and poured in the room temp egg whites. Started to whisk. When foams started to form, dumped 2T sugar in and whisked a little more until dissolved and then dumped 3T sugar more. Used regular white sugar. Didn’t use caster nor icing/confectioner’s sugar because that would make it too sweet. Whisked by hand with big balloon whisk until stiff peaks. Took a while and arms got a great workout.

Dumped half the almond+sugar mixture in the stiff egg whites and folded using spatula. Mixture will be clumped and dry. Just scrapes the sides and bring down to the middle. Did a few times until well blended and then dumped the rest of the mixture in and repeated. You will see the stiff and dry mixture become soft and runny, magma-like. I read people saying not to overmix, so I stopped once it looked like it could pipe easily. Also, when you pick the mixture up with the spatula, it didn’t drop like clumps. Instead, it dropped off slowly and absorbed itself into the batter.

Poured the batter into the piping bag. Baking tray already lined with baking paper. Piped from side (not from top) to make the batter flow into circles and repeated with space between each piped circle until the tray was full. Piped all the batter and got 2 sheets.

Immediately placed the 1st tray in oven for 15 mins. The 1st batch cracked. Brought the tray to the living room and then rinsed the empty tray with cool water. Placed the 2nd sheet onto the tray and placed in oven. This time, left the oven door ajar — gap is enough to place a puffy oven mitt. The macarons rised well and had cute feet. After 12 mins, checked to see if they were done by trying to pick the corner one up but it was still stuck firmly to the sheet. So I closed the door with just a very small gap and left it for 3 mins. When I opened again, the macaron lifted off easily and there were no cracks on the shells. Success!


Did this in Dubai’s early summer heat and did all the whisking, mixing, piping in the air-conditioned living room.

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